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Neutralyze resulted in a 95% effectiveness rate in a recent clinical study overseen by triple board-certified plastic surgeon Gregory W. Chernoff, M.D. F.R.C.S. A majority of participants suffering from moderate to severe acne reported a noticeable improvement in their overall acne condition in as little as 24 hours!
Before and After Photos from Neutralyze Customers
Before and After Photos from Our Neutralyze Consumer Study
Neutralyze has helped thousands of people across America achieve the skin they’ve always dreamed of.

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Steph T.
Adrienne F.
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It hasn’t arrived as of yet so I can’t rate it.

Neutralyze® Acne Clearing Serum + Neutralyze® Synergyzer™

Neutralyze® Therapeutic Face Mask
Mandy Thompson (Charlotte, US)
Wait... I really love this!

I have been searching for a face mask treatment that could help with acne. Many of the masks I've tried in the past actually irritate my acne breakouts, so I was thrilled when I saw this one because it actually has ingredients that help with acne. I love the cooling sensation this mask has, it makes it feel like it's really, thoroughly cleaning my pores. It's not thick and goopy like other masks. It's really nice and it definitely helped my inflammation. I will keep using this!

Neutralyze® Exfoliating Pads
robert j marquez (Phoenix, US)
Neutralyze/exfoliating pads


My new go to

This stuff is a game changer. Loving my skin more than I have in a long time.

Neutralyze® Acne Face Wash
AndieK (Bowling Green, US)
Fav new face wash!

My skin is looking better than ever!

Great Product!

I ordered this product for my 17 year old daughter. She developed problematic skin when she was 16. We tried several store brands and several of the best rated skin care products online. Nothing seemed to be working and then we found Neutralize. My daughters skin has cleared up and the product does not dry out her skin. Very happy with the quality of this product! Thank you Neutralize! :)

Consistently get results!

My go-to for hormonal acne. Works every time. Wish it wasn't sold out so often.

Neutralyze® Exfoliating Pads
Leeanne Duong (Commack, US)
Works almost better than Clindamycin Pads!

I've been using the neutralize pads for almost 3 weeks now and I love it. It's a part of my skin care routine to keep my breakouts at bay. I struggle with hormonal and cystic acne so this is a great addition to keeping my skin clear. It also is good at wiping all the oil and gunk off my face since my skin tends to get REALLY oily by end of day. I used to use clindamycin pads (for about 5+ years) prescribed by my dermatologist but I think I will stick with neutralize from now on because the smell isn't so pungent/acidic and it is more affordable.

Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit 2.0

Neutralyze® Acne Face Wash
Maggie Sloan (Lansing, US)
Please never get rid of this cleanser.

This is the BEST cleanser. I purchase it off Amazon. For the first week or so, I experienced some dryness/flaking, so I alternated between this and a gentler cleanser. Then after my skin got used to this, I now use this every night/every other day. Pair this with a retinol and you’ll have dreamy skin. I get hormonal acne and this totally tames it. I need this cleanser forever!

Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit 2.0 Sale
Pamela Miller (Midvale, US)
This does work even for adult acne.

I have had adult acne for years. Neutralyze has cleared it up and it has not over dried my older skin like lots of products have done in the past. I have ordered this for my teens.

Stop! Buy this one

My teenagers use this religiously and REQUIRE us to have backup in the house. This is a must have and would highly reccommend this item.

It Works

It actually works and my face is clearing up!Amazing Product

It works

This product seems to really be helping after about two weeks of use. I'm happy with the product, will continue to use.

Great for oily and acne prone skin

I have struggled with oily skin since i was a teen and this has really helped clear up my skin without over drying it. would definitely recommend

Love it!

I have sensitive skin and also suffer from acne and wrinkles! This product has transformed my skin! My acne is almost non existent and it leaves my skin feeling tight! The product is on the thicker side but a little goes a long way! I am happy with this product will continue to use neutralyze products!

Neutralyze® Exfoliating Pads
Madeline G. Luevano
So Impressed!

I ran out of my regular toning pads, and decided to give these a try, to see if I might want to invest in the full system. I am so impressed by the results and this works great for my skin! My skin just feels better. It’s not irritated or inflamed at all. Any blemishes and even cysts that pop up heal so much faster! I’m hooked!

Worth it

This brightened my face and helped clear red blemishes in a couple weeks. It doesn’t bother my rosacea either. Great formula, works so well to my skin

This product is a game changer for acne prone skin

This product has been a game changer for me. I’ve struggled with acne and acne scarring for many years and have tried numerous products. In just two weeks of using Neutralyze, I have seen most of my active acne go away and my red spots are lightening. It is not greasy or sticky like many other formulas and helps my makeup go on so smoothly! Great formula, works so well to my skin! Will definitely purchase again!

Neutralyze® Renewal Complex
Martha J. Pugsley
Miracle cream!!!

This must be a magic potion! Great formula, works so well to my skin! This must be a magic potion! I have tried everything to get rid of my daughter's acne! Proactive didn't even work! But this did! Took about 3 days to start noticing a difference. Then within a week the acne was nearly gone! Two weeks later, her skin is clear! I am ordering more! I have tried everything to get rid of my daughter's acne! Proactive didn't even work! But this did! Took about 3 days to start noticing a difference. Then within a week the acne was nearly gone! Two weeks later, her skin is clear! I am ordering more!

Neutralyze® Renewal Complex
Harriett J. Reeder
My favorite moisturizer

I was skeptical of this product at first but I'm now finishing my third bottle. My skin has not looked this consistently good in my entire adult life. Other products have surely helped as well (tretinoin and vitamin C), but I think this formula has gone a long way towards preventing acne and reducing blemishes. I use it morning and night every day, it works so well to my skin

It is not super moisturizing, but it is enough that my skin doesn't feel dry. Perfect in the summer, but some may want to add more moisture in dry winter months. It goes on light and never feels sticky. With other moisturizers, I tended to break out as soon it started to get humid outside, especially on my forehead. For the first time in a couple years, this is not an issue. I highly recommend giving this a try!


Great moisturizer for sensitive skin. Felt a huge difference in my skin texture in about 2 weeks.Would definitely recommend

Neutralyze® Acne Face Wash
Caroline O. Schenck
My new face wash !

This is a amazing product, i have not had any breakouts sent using this product, it also helped me clear my skin. It very gently and does not dry your skin .... will continue to buy!Would definitely recommend

How did I not know of this company before??

After I'd experienced a horrific retinoid burn on my entire face from a prescription topical, I fiendishly searched the web to see if there were any hydrating products for the face that were (legitimately) non-comedogenic. I was beyond desperate for help to reverse my reaction in addition to the extreme dryness and peeling that would inevitably occur from my second-degree chemical hell.

To note, I probably have the most delicate and frustrating skin on the planet. Moisturizers have ALWAYS resulted in a breakout for me, even when promising to not clog pores (many of which were "top shelf" labels). I just think my face hates lotion of any kind. I seem to be at this suuuper fun age when skin becomes almost bi-polar (toying in varying extremes). Sometimes it wants to break out like it did when I was an adolescent. Sometimes, its simply equivalent to the Sahara desert. Other times, it can be so shiny that it looks like I washed it with baby oil. And then there's just the plain old blotchy and discoloration phase.

So I settled on the Neutralyze Renewal Complex after reading its amazing reviews. ('s formulated for blemish control AND ANTI-aging.....Score!)

Upon first application, there was slight bit of stinging, but in no way unbearable. (Mind you, my face was still pretty inflamed from my chemical burn, so this would have been the case with any topical other than Neosporin I suspect). That said, not only did my face start to heal quickly from the trauma of my reaction, the formula was so lightweight and absorbed immediately into my skin with no sticky or greasy residue. Any previous discoloration I'd had started to fade rather quickly and my skin felt super smooth. One of the biggest benefits is that I can apply this complex at night right before bed and my face won't stick to the pillow because it dries immediately upon application (another HUGE perk for me).

Neutralize even values its consumers enough to offer a FREE product of choice after using your first product for at least two weeks. Excited to take advantage, I decided to try the Neutralyze clearing serum. I only received it yesterday, but used it this morning after washing my face. While its far too early to leave a review on its benefits, I will say that I LOVE the consistency and weight of the formula so far. No burning, stinging, irritation upon application and it also dries immediately. Both products make my skin feel as though it's 'breathing' naturally and isn't being weighed down by heavy liquids.

After having tried every popular and cleverly-marketed skin clearing product to help with the super inconvenient and frustrating adult/hormonal breakouts.....I truly wish I'd known of Neutralyze products years ago. I think I'm officially done with the brands I've depended on for so long that never really rectified my issues. I suppose my loyalty to them was more a mindset of..... "well, at least they're not 'worsening' the problem" (but they weren't fixing it either).

In conclusion.....if you're like me and well beyond the days of adolescent acne but find yourself still wrought with the occasional wildfire breakout that falls from the sky.....try these products. They are SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED and not advertised like they should be. I will definitely be checking out other items in their line. The added benefit is that their products are extremely cost effective, so you won't break the bank trying "systems" that wrangle you (often unknowingly) into an auto-ship commitment. THAT, my friends is how to run a successful business and keep your consumers coming back.