We don’t mean to boast (OK, we’re bragging a little)...

But we’re getting lots of love these days from dermatologists, estheticians, and med spas all over the country who are going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for Neutralyze®! We recently visited the New York School Of Esthetics and gave our products to the instructors and students for their honest feedback. You won’t believe what they had to say!

Watch the video here:




Nancy Shelly, Esthetics Instructor at NYSOE says: “I know about Salicylic Acid, I know about Mandelic Acid. I was never aware of the fact that the two, when combined, worked so significantly. But from listening to my students, who are very very picky, and have used a WIDE ARRAY of acne products – they were raving about this product. Absolutely raving about it. And it was good to hear. Very good to hear.”

Watch the video to see what the instructors and students had to say about our products!