New Research From Top Dermatologists Proves You've Been Treating Acne The Wrong Way!

Let's face it, acne is a serious problem. Not just because it's painful, or that it damages your skin, sometimes leaving permanent scarring. But also because it has a direct connection to your emotional health and self-esteem. Having acne at any level can lead to significant long-term consequences.

But what about people suffering from moderate to severe acne?

This classification of acne can be much more devastating. Multiple studies have shown that having moderate to severe acne significantly increases your likelihood of anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues.

We know the helpless feeling of having moderate to severe acne because our family has experienced this situation ourselves. We tried every product available from celebrity-endorsed brands to wacky home remedies. We visited dermatologists and got prescription medications, nothing worked.

Then one day we met an acne-hating scientist who changed everything...

He discovered the problem with most acne solutions on the market: They only focus on killing bacteria, but do nothing to address the fact that inflammation is actually the primary cause of acne formation. He went on to explain that the traditional understanding of acne formation had recently been proven wrong!

If you’ve ever been to the dermatologist, they might have described your acne formation in this sequential order:

    1) Excess oil production causes clogged pores

    2) Bacteria colonize the clogged pores

    3) Inflammation occurs, making things worse

    However, in a recent groundbreaking study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, our current understanding of acne was challenged. Top acne researchers presented evidence that showed inflammation is occurring beneath the skin BEFORE your pores become clogged.

    This means that if you can reduce inflammation first, you have a much better chance of treating and reversing the effects of your acne.

    We wanted to create a system that could fight inflammation, redness, and irritation (along with killing harmful bacteria) to finally give people relief from their moderate to severe acne.

    Using the latest science and a team of experts, we created Neutralyze®, a new acne solution featuring our multi-patented Nitrogen Boost® Skincare Technology.

    How Does It Work?

    Neutralyze® is the world’s first acne treatment system to add the power of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a beneficial substance produced naturally by your body. It helps increase blood flow to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation.

    Our Nitrogen Boost® Skincare Technology activates directly on your skin when using the Neutralyze® products in sequential order, as directed. Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit (30 Day) comes with Neutralyze® Face Wash (100 ml), Neutralyze® Clearing Serum (30 ml) & Neutralyze® Synergyzer™ (30ml). 

    In a clinical study conducted by a triple-board certified plastic surgeon, Gregory W. Chernoff, M.D. F.R.C.S., Neutralyze® was proven to be 95% effective. The majority of participants suffering from moderate to severe acne reported a noticeable improvement in their overall acne condition in as little as 2–3 days! 

    Neutralyze® has received hundreds of 5-star reviews from people suffering from moderate to severe acne. This has allowed us to become an Amazon #1 Best Seller and one of the top-selling skincare products on! Take a look for yourself at the numerous before & after photos and testimonials – people are getting real, life-changing results every single day using our groundbreaking acne treatment system.

    You deserve healthy skin.

    You deserve to have your confidence back.

    We’re determined to help.

    Check out Neutralyze® Anti-Acne Solution today and begin your transformation to a happier, more confident version of yourself!

    Thanks for reading!

    Jon Klein
    Neutralyze Anti-Acne Solution
    Moderate To Severe Acne Treatments

    Our Mission

    Kantian Skincare, LLC is a family-owned company located in Long Island, New York. Our mission is to create highly effective products that are specifically designed for people with moderate to severe acne. We've incorporated our multi-patented Nitrogen Boost® Skincare Technology, as well as other scientifically proven, acne-fighting ingredients into an all-in-one skincare regimen that delivers life changing results. 

    This business is the result of our family's personal experience of dealing with moderate to severe acne, and seeing first hand the negative effects that it had on all of our lives and well-being. We care deeply about you, our customers, because we've been in the same position ourselves. Besides having amazingly effective anti acne products, we have an absolute commitment to customer service, and we will always go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of.

    Thank you for your interest in Neutralyze®, we invite you to browse our online store to learn more about our products and company. We know you're going to get great results using Neutralyze®, give it a try today!