Big improvements are happening here at Neutralyze...

Our company's mission is to create the world's most effective acne treatment system. This business is the result of our family's personal experience of dealing with moderate to severe acne together and seeing first-hand the negative effects it had on our lives and well-being. We care deeply about you, our customers, because we've been in the same position ourselves.

So we listened carefully to your feedback about our products. We've heard your comments, both positive and constructive, and decided to make some MAJOR UPGRADES to our best-selling acne treatment system.

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON.COM: Neutralyze® Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment System 2.0!

  • NEW clinical strength formulations (with skin-calming ingredients to reduce sensitivity) that deliver both immediate + manageable results to get rid of your acne and prevent future breakouts 
  • BIGGER bottles (same low everyday prices) to give you more value on every purchase. Up to 70% more product in every Neutralyze® item!
  • NEW medical grade, easy-to-control airless dispensers that optimize the delivery of our Nitrogen Boost® Skincare Technology, making our system last even longer...
  • NEW redesigned look to celebrate our new beginning. Upgrade your acne regimen to Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment System 2.0!

As always, we are extremely grateful for your support! Thank you for choosing Neutralyze® for your acne-related issues. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing about your amazing results using our new and improved products!

Many Thanks,
Jon Klein
Neutralyze® Anti-Acne Solution
Moderate To Severe Acne Treatments


When will Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit 2.0 be available?



Can I continue to purchase the original Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment System?


Unfortunately our original acne system will be discontinued as soon as Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment System 2.0 has been released.

Will the price increase for Neutralyze® Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit 2.0?


No - The cost of our new and improved Acne Treatment Kit 2.0 will remain at $39.95. Our goal is to provide Neutralyze® customers with more value for the same low everyday prices.

I'm concerned these new Neutralyze® products with 2% salicylic acid + 1% mandelic acid will irritate my skin. Any advice?


Neutralyze 2.0 products have been formulated with the highest quality science-based ingredients available, at a slightly higher pH to minimize irritation and skin sensitivity issues. Through 3rd party skin toleration testing, we've concluded that our new Neutralyze 2.0 products are actually significantly less irritating that the original version. If you experience any irritation or discomfort when using Neutralyze 2.0 products, please contact us for a full refund based on our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Have consumer studies been conducted on the new and improved Neutralyze® 2.0 products?

Yes, thanks to a focus group of over 100 existing Neutralyze® customers, we were able to get valuable feedback about the increased effectiveness of Neutralyze® 2.0 products. Over 97% of participants reported faster and longer-lasting results on their acne related issues (as compared to the original Neutralyze® acne treatment system)!