Kantian Skincare, LLC Announces Launch of Science-Based, Topical Treatment For Moderate to Severe Acne

Kantian Skincare, LLC Announces Launch of Science-Based, Topical Treatment For Moderate to Severe Acne
Kantian Skincare, LLC, an affiliate of Kantian Sciences Corporation, has recently announced the launch of Neutralyze® Anti-Acne Solution, which is an over-the-counter (OTC) acne product line specifically targeting the moderate to severe acne demographic. Neutralyze® is a groundbreaking acne treatment based on Kantian’s multi-patented Nitrogen Boost® Skincare Technology, which has demonstrated the ability to reduce redness and irritation to visibly improve complexion. Neutralyze® also utilizes the active ingredient of salicylic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid, as well as mandelic acid, a beta hydroxy acid which is extracted naturally from almonds. In a consumer perception study, several participants reported a noticeable improvement in their overall acne condition in as little as 2-3 days. "Neutralyze® Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Kit (30 Day)" includes a Face Wash (3.3 FL OZ), Clearing Serum™ (1.0 FL OZ), and Synergyzer™ (1.0 FL OZ).
Jon Klein, Kantian’s Co-Founder & President, commented “It is estimated that roughly 30% of the 50 million Americans who suffer from acne annually are classified as moderate to severe cases. The pharmaceutical industry has historically controlled the moderate to severe acne market, enforced by the notion that OTC treatments are not appropriate to treat moderate to severe acne. However, a recent study has shown that 75% of patients choose to use OTC products for roughly one year before seeing a dermatologist. This signifies a shifting of preferences in the market, and other OTC brands have taken action by targeting this demographic more aggressively.” He continued, “Neutralyze®, however, is the first OTC acne brand to focus exclusively on creating effective products for people with moderate to severe acne, and we are already beginning to see this strategy resonate with our customers.”
Neutralyze® is not tested on animals. All formulations are dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, and don't contain any parabens or fragrances.
Neutralyze® is currently available exclusively on Amazon.com. Customers with Amazon Prime are eligible for Free Shipping. To receive special promotional offers and information about Neutralyze®, customers can follow Neutralyze® on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or signup for the e-mail list on discounts.neutralyze.com.
About Kantian Sciences Corporation
Kantian Sciences Corporation is a health sciences company specializing in the identification and development of novel anti-microbial technologies. The company’s mission is to create and market innovative products which promote good health, longevity, and quality of life for its customers. For more information, please visit www.kantiancorp.com

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